Testimonials for SchumanMusicals.com

“An enormous thank you for all your hard work putting the play together. The whole thing from the brilliantly planned arrival of the CD at Christmas to the fun the boys have had acting it all out and performing it, Yeshua has been such fun. The music is great too and thanks to the CD we can sing it all the way through and it was back on the CD player after breakfast this morning!” (Nicola, a parent)
“That was a really special night. Our very own Lloyd Webber?! The music was utterly amazing. It’s hard to believe they are only 8 and 9 years old. Obviously our son reduced us to tears, but the whole play was outstanding.” (Peter, a parent)
“It was a fantastic play – thank you so much for creating it.” (Catherine, a parent)
“Thank you for putting together such a wonderful production. It was so professional and the boys’ performances belied their ages.” (Charlotte, a parent)
“Congratulations on an amazing production.” (Robyn, a parent)
“Absolutely wonderful. The music was captivating. My son came back on a complete high after both performances. I came to both nights and could have come a third night I enjoyed it so much!” (Simon, a parent)
“I’m sure that when the children come to make up their own minds up about their faith they will remember those nights on the stage, all the catchy tunes and wonderful truths told so well. You were brave to be so bold too; it is very counter cultural in our liberal PC world to dodge difficult questions and it was deeply refreshing to hear it straight and with humility and integrity, not an easy combination to get right.” (Melissa, a parent)


“Well done for a fantastic performance last night – great tunes. I liked the way you changed the staging around so that we knew for sure what was happening in the past and present. Very clever.” (Elizabeth, a parent)
“Congratulations on a really top class show.” (Alec, a parent)
“Congratulations on last night’s play. It was absolutely fantastic and one of the best plays I’ve seen at the school.” (Fenella, a parent)
“Just wanted to say the play was FANTASTIC last night. My parents, Robbie and I were all amazed at your talent and the boys did brilliantly. Andrew Lloyd Webber really missed out!” (Emma, a parent)
“I just wanted to congratulate you on such a stunning school play. It surpassed all expectations and we really thought it was AMAZING.” (Henrietta, a parent)
“The boys did the fabulous script and score credit and all your hard work paid off!” (Julia, a parent)
“I thought your musical was really superb – what a wonderful idea of telling the two stories in tandem. It was witty and wonderfully knitted together. I so hope someone picks up on your wonderful attributes soon and you make it to Drury Lane or Broadway.” (Camilla, a parent)
“This is going to be a hit!” (Patrick, a parent)
“The music was brilliant, the kids clearly loved being part of it and it was particularly lovely that everyone was given a little chance to shine – quite a feat with a cast of 70 children!” (Amanda, a parent)
“I thought the whole idea of Ancient Egypt on one stage and 1922 on another was very clever, and the bridge in between was a very strong metaphor. What an achievement!” (Lady Fiona Carnarvon)


“A triumph! Your best yet! Songs perfect, storyline great for audience and actors alike. 85 boys on stage is a major achievement and, as ever, a pleasure to be involved!” (Paula, a parent)
“Back to the Blitz is a fantastic production. I loved every minute of it! The quality of the script was great, the imagery of the set realistic and the music impressive. Well done!” (Susan, a grandmother)
“A very memorable production. We are all singing, humming and whistling those songs.” (Nancy, a parent)
“What a triumph. I thought the play this year was one of the best junior plays I have seen (and I have seen a fair few!) It was beautifully simple, very well cast and all the kids looked to be really enjoying themselves.” (Katrina, a parent)
“It was the right length and there were lots of varied rolls giving all the boys a chance to shine.” (Sara, a parent)
“Delighted with the production. I’m sure it is something that my son and the rest of the cast will remember for many years to come.” (Julian, a parent)


“What a fabulous production!” (Richard, parent)
“Rave reviews from all I spoke to!” (Jill, parent)
“The children all loved it; the songs were great, and the costumes brilliant.” (Amanda, parent)
“My son enjoyed the play and we had tears at bedtime ‘because it was the last time we will do Space Race and it’s been such good fun.” (Kate, parent)
“Space Race was amazing! Everything I thought it would be and more.” (Mandy, parent)
“The play was amazing and gave us all a wonderful evening’s entertainment; possibly the best ever!” (Fiona, parent)
“We will be singing the songs for many years to come!” (Alexandra, parent)
“Your two plays have been the highlights of my son’s time at this school.” (Venetia, parent)
“The highlight of the year!” (Stephanie, parent)
“They were having the time of their lives; it was so upbeat; I was smiling all the way home.” (Melissa, parent)
“I don’t know how you do it but it rivalled any West End production in my eyes! The script was superb, a masterpiece.” (Lucy, parent)
“Congratulations to you and the team for putting on such a ‘toe-tapping’ play – the music and dance routines were outstanding.” (Olivia, parent)
“We are so impressed by the professionalism of the whole show.” (Caroline, parent)
“Even now we still have Space Race playing in the car and we all sing along to it and know all the words! I have never seen my son enjoy something quite as much as taking part in Space Race.” (Becs, parent)


“Excellent, Mr Schuman. Your best yet….. 10/10. I am waiting for 11/10.” Penny, a teacher.
“Awesome!” Just to say the play tonight was totally epic! A triumph! It was so slick and, I have to say, superb casting for all the roles. I hope you are incredibly proud of yourself as well as the kids.” Lucy, a parent.

“Congratulations, Chris. A truly magnificent show!” Liz, a music teacher.

“Bowled over by your incredible talent! The kids looked like they were having so much fun – you are AMAZING to have come up with all that. I LOVE some of the lines – really funny. Thank you so much for making my daughter’s stage debut so special! She loved every minute.” Georgie, a parent.

“That was one fantastic Schuman production. Thank you so much for giving all the children such a wonderful experience; one they will never forget. It was also so refreshing to see so many children get a chance to shine…so many stood out.” Henrietta, a parent.

“It was AWESOME! As usual, you have done the most fantastic job.” Nicky, a parent.

“Zeus on the Loose was FANTASTIC – how you keep on producing hits like this I don’t know!” David, a parent.
“It was amazing! My mind boggles at your creativity.” Claudia, a parent.
“The children will remember their parts in this play forever and the fun of it.” Jayne, a parent.
“Both my husband and I remain so impressed by what you and the boys achieved last night.” Sarah,
a parent.
“Zeus on the Loose was beautifully written and the children clearly loved being part of the production – it was a great hit! We would love a copy of the DVD please – it will be one to enjoy for many years to come! Susie, a parent.
“Really wonderful and beautiful melodies; we’re now going around the house singing them!” Emma, a parent.
“The show was absolutely fantastic! I can’t get those catchy songs out of my head!” Sarah, a parent.
“A brilliant, zestful and compelling production, full of great music, witty lyrics and snappy dialogue, and bursting with humour and innuendo. It would be a crime if this musical weren’t to run and run…” Andrew, a parent.