For performers between the ages of 8 and 80. Created to inform, inspire and entertain. Designed to be used with a backing track which uses a live band of world-class musicians. Please take a moment to listen to some of the tracks and then browse through some of the script samples.

We hope you will find the songs catchy and memorable and that the script is flexible enough to be adapted to your specific requirements. Each of these musicals is driven by two main elements – fun and music. The humour is there for both children and adults alike and the music is designed to be appreciated by all ages. The music styles are varied and there are plenty of suggested harmonies for those who wish for something more challenging.

The reason for using adult voices on the CDs is twofold. Firstly, these musicals are designed to be performed by as wide an audience as possible: youth theatres, primary schools, adult choirs and even senior citizens.

Secondly, in my experience, children prefer listening to adult voices on CDs much more so than children’s voices. The CDs are designed to be copied and distributed to every member of the company in order to help them learn the songs. This should be relatively easy to do but very helpful and advantageous in the long-term.

Purchase of the book and CD for £20 entitles you at one affiliated school, or organisation, to: Photocopy, or otherwise reproduce pages from the book (including the music score) solely for internal distribution, for the purposes of study or performance. Perform the songs, or derived arrangements, and script in private or public performances, provided that the majority of performers are members of the affiliated organisation specified above.

The fee also includes the right to put on up to a maximum of five performances within your school or organisation.

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